April 10, 2024

“Ugh... Migraine...”



12:40 AM

I was making excellent progress on the business plan, but now my ability to see is being compromised by an oncoming migraine, which makes it difficult even to write this post. There’s no way I can continue at the moment.

I am annoyed.

I will likely be in pain when the migraine itself arrives, which will be even more annoying.


7:32 PM

So the migraine was not fun.

I managed to survive it, though – and even get some sleep! – and now that it’s gone I’ve spent quite a few hours working on the business plan. Excellent progress is in the offing here.

I have more than twenty pages of useful stuff written. That’s much more than I would have expected, and there’s still a lot to go. Ultimately, it’s helping me frame the order in which I want to do things, and the requirements for getting those things done. It’s also pointing out some areas where I need further research.

This is excellent.

I’m really looking forward to getting this off the ground. It’s a very interesting challenge!

12:46 AM

Make that damn near forty pages, and still rising rapidly.

Yeah, this was definitely necessary.

Back tomorrow at some point; I have a couple of appointments, so… we’ll see.