April 3, 2024




4:29 PM

Okay. I think I have a name. I will talk more about that once I have everything set. Am working to make an appointment with the appropriate folk to get the job done.

I’m crossing my fingers; the name game is, as far as I can tell, the last major blocker (short of FCC testing shenanigans, anyway). Well, and I’ll need a product name to go along with the business name, but that should be easier (famous last words, I know).

A better day than yesterday, in spite of my hopes of a better sleep schedule being dashed…

I will likely do more coding tonight because… need to get something tangible done. We’ll see where it goes.

6:38 PM

Why do people never call me back? I’m pretty sure I’m not a jerk over the phone (or at all, really), and I certainly hope I’m not coming off as creepy or something. I’m really having bad luck at this, though!

I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just that it’s an accounting firm and we’re right up at the ugly part of tax season…