April 2, 2024

“I Just Can't Win!”



1:46 PM

I was up early today, sorta.

I only got three hours of sleep, but that could bode well for me finally getting back on a normal-ish schedule for a while.

That’s the only “good” thing I have to say.

Something exploded under my kitchen sink.

There’s a lake under there, and it seeped under the cabinetry such that my living room carpet now partially resembles a swamp (and it may have discolored the stonework that lines my kitchen bar). I’m waiting for the plumber. Yes, I turned the water off to that area.

I can’t get hold of the medical billing people who are trying to get me to send them money for some reason. They don’t seem to want to call me back, either. No, it’s not a scammer. I’ve been trying to get hold of them since last week.

I’m still waiting on the installation of the rest of my windows.

I still have no workable name for my business.

And I have no energy with which to do… anything.

Must be that aforementioned three hours of (lack of) sleep.

It’s official: I’m having a bad week, so far.

12:51 AM

I’m an idiot. More tomorrow, hopefully.