April 8, 2024




12:56 PM

I’m waiting for the total eclipse to arrive, but I can’t see anything. Too many clouds.

It does seem a bit darker, though…

9:47 PM

The clouds did go away, and the eclipse was awesome! My only regret is that I neglected to realize that I should have gotten some good filters for my DSLR so I could take photos. Now, that chance is gone.

Live and Learn…

In the mean time, I’ve finally buckled down to work on the business plan. Though I would much rather be tinkering with technology, I have less than a month left to prove to myself that this thing has legs. The plan is a very important part of that.

I honestly expect that to take most of the week.

Now I just need to avoid getting bogged down again. Given that I have medical stuff to deal with this week, we’ll see…