March 14, 2024

“The Fun Part”



7:08 AM

So part of yesterday was desigining a hardware bit for the prototype. I think I mentioned that. My brother-in-law was kind enough to print it for me (I haven’t yet bought a 3D printer). I get to go pick that up soon, and hopefully I’ll then have a much truer idea if my concept for the physical look is going to work well.

I’m excited!

After that I need to start researching the actual physical incarnation of the thing (which is where I’ll probably have to design a second electronic prototype as well, this one to fit in whatever box I come up with). That’s going into territory that is… unfamiliar, and will be interesting.

I have a distinct urge to work on the software but–

Ok, one of my cats just calmly wandered across my desk, looked down for a moment, picked up a velcro cable tie, and calmly wandered off. I’m not sure what cables she’s trying to bundle, but…


Anyhow. I think that’s a signal for my day to get started.

After I chase my cat down and steal my cable tie back.