March 22, 2024

“Taking the Day Off”



12:11 PM

After a briefly okay start, last night turned into a brutally insomniac night. I’m running on just a couple of hours of sleep. I’m taking the day off, and will make it up tomorrow (or after I next sleep, in any event).

One of the biggest problems with my brand of insomnia: when it hits this badly, I can’t use the extra wake time productively. One would think I could just sit down and work and get lots of extra stuff done, but it doesn’t work that way. It ends up being counter-productive.

I may be awake and unable to sleep, but that doesn’t change that I’m freaking exhausted.

Working while exhausted only ends with re-doing all the work the next day…

So yeah. Today is an “I’m calling in sick and will make it up later” day.

Didn’t know I could have those as a self-sorta-employed type…