March 15, 2024

“Strange Day”



6:47 AM

Yesterday was… strange, and only mildly productive. Round one of 3D printing went by, and the results were… not to my liking. Round two is (hopefully) in progress with a slightly altered part. We’ll see where that goes.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the ultimate physical design, but getting over that first hump – that one where you actually start something – is proving difficult. Once I manage to sink my teeth into something I’ll be fine.

As for yesterday, at least my broken window is fixed. That’s something.

Ah well, off to work…

11:13 AM

Yeah, it’s the end of the week. My brain is mush, honestly. This week was just… not as productive as previous ones, or so it feels. Honestly, it was not as unproductive as I percieve it to have been, looking back through my notes.

I guess I did get some things done in the earlier part of the week, but then transitioning into playing with the physical packaging took a toll. I was enjoying playing with the software; it’s never fun to pivot away from something we enjoy.

On the other hand, I have an idea to pursue for dealing with the packaging, and that’s kinda exciting, so… things are coming along.

I think for the rest of today I’m going to do two things:

  • Put together a CAD drawing of my packaging idea. Yay, I get to fight with OpenSCAD s’more, and this one is going to probably be more complex.

  • If I have any time left, work on some of the business side. I really need to start getting that together.

And then it’ll be time for the weekend!