March 8, 2024

“Starting to Look Like a Product!”



1:15 AM

A couple more hours this morning, and now this is really coming together. There’s a lot of UI work to do – I’m a terrible UI guy – but the functionality is there and growing, and constantly improving. I’m actually kinda surprised at how good this is already looking.

Though this latest round has resulted in the need for some serious refactoring; it pointed out some deficiencies in the design. It needed to be a lot more flexible than it was, so now I need to go back and fix up the places where I had to contort to make it work.

Not that the users will be able to tell how much work is really going into this; it all looks so very simple…

The time to get it right is worth it though. There will be more features, and they will almost certainly continue arriving long after any product launch. Enabling the ease of future development is a Good Thing™.

And on a different note…

My bits and bobs are now on their way, but they aren’t scheduled to arrive until Tuesday (and I just had a flashback to Star Trek: Generations…). Color me disappointed; I’m far more impatient than that. I remember when $15 in shipping would get something delivered overnight.

Now I’m lucky to get it next week.

It’s truly sad when Amazon’s delivery service beats the companies that are actually dedicated to shipping… UPS and the others need to get their acts together. Seriously.

Anyway, back to work…

5:46 AM

Refactor Ho!

8:20 AM

TGIF. I’m out for the weekend (though I’ll probably tinker here and there). Looking back, I’ve worked the last two weekends, so I’m going to try to avoid it this time. There is something to be said for work/life balance…

We’ll see if I can make it stick.

I might be just a little obsessive.