March 18, 2024

“Slow Monday”



9:13 AM

Very slow start this morning. I totally detached from everything for the weekend, which was a nice change – but now I have to drag myself back into the right headspace to actually work. Mondays suck like that.

I think today is going to be largely calling people. I need to get some estimates on what it’s going to take (dollars and time) to get FCC certification dealt with. Also, I have continuing hardware packaging possibilities to pursue, and I’ll need to talk to people about that.

Have I mentioned that I’m an introvert by nature?

The social side of this is the difficult part. Code is so much less tiring…

10:20 AM

0.5 for 2. Mondays suck.

11:32 AM

Yeah, definitely Monday.

So one place sent over some documentation, but it didn’t tell me anything I don’t already know – except that I’m going to need to fill out complicated paperwork to get things done on the FCC front. Apparently you have to have everything down to the last dot, right down to the user manual.

WTF a user manual has to do with radio emissions, I really don’t know. But it’s another thing I’ll have to do before certification, rather than after.

I’m… not in the right headspace to deal with this. I think I’m going to go work on target markets and use cases. That, at least, will leave me mostly in my head until I feel like being social again.

12:54 PM

Got a start on how to build my markets and use cases document, but there’s a lot of work left to do there. Actually, it will probably be ongoing until launch, and maybe even beyond. It’s something, at least.

I find myself feeling pretty negative about everything today. I wonder if this product is going to be viable. Most days I feel like it is, but today I don’t. Don’t know what changed.

For now I’m going to grab some food and maybe take a nap. I know, naps are strange and all, but I really didn’t sleep well last night. Maybe that’s the cause of all the negativity…

2:43 PM

Nope. Nap didn’t help. Still cranky.

I think I’ll start a spreadsheet. Writing long-form is just not working today.

Nor is anything else in my head, apparently.

4:08 PM

I give up.

I’m wandering off.

I did manage to get a bit more organized toward the end of the day and get some ideas on some random things (like custom boxes, for example – those are expensive!), but that was all. I’ll start over tomorrow and see if I can get something done that’s actually useful.