March 11, 2024

“Just Plodding Along...”



5:19 AM

I hate it when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Today is probably going to be One Of Those Days. Again.

It’s Monday, so here’s my current thoughts on what I need to accomplish this week:

  • Figure out the first bits of the physical packaging. The last bits and bobs that I already know I need for that should arrive tomorrow.
  • Go back and fix up some of the things I’ve glossed over in the software. I have twenty-nine tickets in the system for things I know need to be dealt with, seventeen of which have to be done before the product can launch. Most of it is trivial crap, but it all needs to be done. It may be premature, but it’s bugging me.
  • Add more new features. I have some thoughts on that. Including one required feature that I just remembered, that I have now added a ticket for, so make that thirty and eighteen…
  • Maybe work on the firmware a bit. There are a number of issues I still need to address there, including a couple missing user-facing features, and also OTA updates. The latter is easily the more important issue.

I’m not really ordering or prioritizing these issues, except for the first one. This has come far enough along that I’m starting to think more about the business issues, which may start taking up more of my time soon. When it comes to business, having a plan strikes me as a Good Thing™, even if it doesn’t survive contact…

Seriously, though, I need to start exploring those other issues. That’s the unknown area for me; I’m a computer guy, not a businessman historically. I’m reaching the point where the product is almost certainly viable, and now I need to know how to make it go.

For now, though, back to product development…

7:03 AM

It’s amazing the difference some foam, an exacto knife, and a piece of paper can make…

2:06 PM

Got through a few of those blocker tickets; taking a break, because I’m working on an unrelated issue and my vision is starting to blur from staring at the screen too long.

Wandering off now.