March 2, 2024

“Hardware Weekend!”



7:44 PM

Okay, so now I’m awake, and a little bit less loopy. Unfortunately my plan to stay up and get my sleep schedule sorted out… backfired. Not a big shock, that, though.

Now I have some hardware to play with, and it’s time to go through the same process for that, that I’ve been doing with the server code: make it less “proof of concept” and more “actual prototype”. Not to mention, implement the missing features for the new hardware. THe original proof of concept was a joke compared to this.

So the original features work. Now i need to do all the detail work that I didn’t do before, and add the new features.

To my shame, I’ve decided to stay with Ardunio for now. The simple truth is, it’s easy to make it work, and it does what I need. In the end, only hackers are going to see the inside of the thing, and I can deal with them laughing at me.

Maybe in the future I’ll go direct to ESP-IDF, but right now I’m more interested in time to market. I’m only me; I don’t have time to do everything in the absolute best way possible…

…and I should probably get over myself anyway. If the tools work, then who cares what you use?