March 20, 2024

“Halfway There!”



12:01 PM

Day 45. Halfway There. Yeah, I have some Bon Jovi on in the office. It seems appropriate…

Forty-five days, and things are proceeding apace. I still have questions that need answering, but they are fewer and fewer. The closer I get, the more I want to actually start this business. A market analysis genius I’m not – I have no idea beyond a guess if it will succeed – but it seems like at least someone will like it.

I doubt it will make me rich, though, and maybe it won’t even pay the bills. It’ll probably be an interesting side gig. Time will tell.

At this point, I think there are two main lacking answers blocking me from pulling the trigger: the cost of the non-electronic part of the hardware (which I’m in the middle of figuring out), and the cost of certifications, insurance, etc.

The rest can be dealt with, one way or another.

Well, that and I need a name for the business, and a name for the product. Right now I have neither.

Moving on…

I got a late start today, and I’m cranky, but not terribly negative. I just flat don’t feel like working, which is… kinda a first since I started this thing. Sucks to be me, though, seeing as I actually see this as a job, so… Yeah, gotta work.

Today: Fighting with OpenSCAD to make my physical casing. Yay.

3:51 PM

I’m finding that one of my favorite combinations is KiCad and OpenSCAD (at least for relatively simple stuff). I use the User layers in KiCad to define where things need to be (using solid objects or really thick lines), and then export them to DXF. Then I pick them up in OpenSCAD and translate, extrude, union, and difference them to death.

It results in nifty looking objects…

4:37 PM

It’s always fun when you go hunting for the journal entry you just made and can’t find it, because you forgot you already published it.

My mind is broken.

6:09 PM

I find it amusing that OpenSCAD’s import function does not support… OpenSCAD.

Yes, I know I can include or use. So not the point. :)