March 5, 2024

“Early Mornings All Over Again...”



3:25 AM

I’m finally awake early in the morning again, and other than an insolent kitty trying to nibble on my chin, life is good. Today’s plan: finish one little bit of refactoring that I didn’t quite get to, and then on to the real job.

Time to implement the most useful (to me) feature in the system.


4:43 AM

Okay, make that two little bits of refactoring. Oops.

The first one (which was the more invasive) is done. The second one I’m still thinking about the final fate of, but it won’t take long once I reach a decision. Either way, in the end, I will have a nicely modular system that is easy to extend.

Just add a go package, and a new hardware model appears and Just Works.

That will be nice.

7:24 AM

That took longer than I expected.

Oh well, it’s done. Time to do something more interesting!

8:51 AM

Sometimes a feature looks so very simple from the high level, but then you dig in and find that it’s actually composed of forty-two separate subsystems, each of which needs to be implemented from scratch.

Hoooo boy, do I have work to do.

Lunch first. Well, “lunch”. Whatever.

12:49 PM

Have most of the new facility I identified, implemented. I was really hoping to have more to show in the “it actually works” vein, but no such luck. I’m tired (been working since, what, 3:30AM?) and starting to get cranky.

Going to finish this tomorrow.

The rest of today will be spent trying not to fall asleep until a reasonable hour so that I can be up tomorrow instead of later today…

2:46 PM

Sigh. NOW I’m done.