March 13, 2024

“Awaiting Parts”



6:55 AM

Yup. Awaiting parts.

They should be here some time today.

In the mean time? I spent a bunch of time doing maintenance work yesterday, so I think I’ll add a feature today. It’ll probably be the last one for a while, since I will likely end up mired in Hardware explorations (how to make the physical case) once my parts are here.

And it’ll close another one of those critical tickets…

8:00 AM

When it takes less than an hour to implement a new feature from ground zero, you might be on the right track with your framework.

Or maybe your feature is just stupidly simple and barely deserves the name.

Only time will tell.

11:53 AM

Damn, time flies when you’re having fun!

I put down the software for a bit to work on hardware-related stuff. Most notably, I grabbed OpenSCAD, and between that and KiCad, designed a minor (but important) bit that I need for the prototype. All I need to do now is get someone to print it for me. OpenSCAD is very cool.

And with that, it’s lunch time.

I have no idea where my morning went…

4:17 PM

Still waiting for parts. Wandering off until they get here.

6:29 PM

First (and most important) bunch of parts got here; yay! I’d estimate that the effect I was hoping for from them is about… 95%, which is actually a bit better than I expected. I need that part printed to be certain. All in all, it makes the look I’m going for absolutely possible, though.

I also spent some time this afternoon doodling a list of things I still have left to do in the next month or so. Other things to research, things I need in order to get a full plan together for the business… The list goes on.

And now… I’m going to wander off and try to stay awake until the second lot gets here, and then I’m going to crash.