March 1, 2024

“Awaiting DHL...”



5:44 AM

Ok, I just looked up and it’s… almost 6AM. I started at, what, 7:30ish yesterday? And only a brief break for “lunch”. Yeah, I think I’m somewhere in the vicinity of “overtime”

I’m actually tired (!), and still have to wait for DHL so I can sign for the prototype.

Fortunately it only just arrived somehwere in Ohio, so I have a bit of time. Going to take a nap before resuming work. The refactoring went extremely well (and resulted in a new feature or two), and now I need to figure out my exact plan for when the toy arrives. There’s still so much left to do

3:37 PM - “Holy Crap!”

The prototype is here.

I plugged it in, flashed the firmware, and introduced it to the system.

It worked.

The first time.


This is awesome, and it looks even better than I intended!

Now I need to go get some sleep so I can look at this thing with proper diligence. I have things to write to use the rest of the hardware on it…