February 24, 2024

“Weekend Warrioring”



2:36 PM

Yup. I couldn’t leave well enough alone. Going to see if I can finish up some of the internal structure of the app so I can focus on the meat of it next week. I’ll be working as I have time today; no real schedule.

Oh, and I added the RSS alt link to the page header. I’d forgotten to do that even though there is a feed for this little journal. Not sure if it will help any of you. Also note that it only pings for new days, not new entries. I might think about changing that later, but… priorities.

Off to hack…

3:36 AM

Yeah. I really am an insomniac.

On the upside, I have most of the internal framework finished, and got a good start on the placeholder landing page, which was bugging me. Next I need to straighten the other “fluff” pages, like signup and login, to make them reasonably presentable.

Then I get to, finally, get back to work on the meat of things again. I have a lot of stuff I want to get accomplished before the prototypes arrive. Most notably, shoring up the device connection/registration workflow. That needs to be as smooth as it can be.

I really hope the things work out of the box. Otherwise I’m in for a serious troubleshooting headache…

Anyway, off to work on a puzzle for a bit, and then hopefully I’ll be tired enough to sleep.