February 7, 2024

“The Slog Continues”



7:41 AM

It’s annoying to do basic background work when you’d really rather be working on the unique product. Nevertheless, I find myself doing exactly that… Oh well.

Today’s goals:

  • Finish up the authentication issues from yesterday
  • Implement hardware device registration
  • Start work on the stuff I’m not talking about yet.

That latter point is going to take some doing; I have an idea of what I want to build, but the details are a bit murkier than I’d like… I keep coming up with new things.

That’s a good sign, I suppose, but it’s also worrisome. I don’t want to lose focus…

7:57 AM

Yeah, I was right. Took no time at all to find the stupidity from yesterday; an inverted test. Authentication works now, and I can finish up the details and move on…

10:14 AM

Got lost down a bit of a rabbit hole just generally cleaning up and refactoring things. Done with that now. Going to go get some breakfast and then work on the device registration workflow.

11:47 AM

Who would have thought that I could spend more than an hour deciding what a serial number should look like?

Yeah, it’s lunch time.

12:38 PM

Okay, I’m back. Now to actually get the device registration flow in place…

3:25 PM

I just spent nearly an hour sorting out how to deal with IPv4 vs IPv6 issues in one particular area because I’m foolishly insisting on being “modern”, at least on the networking side. Every time I even notice IPv6, I can tell why it’s still just crawling along a decade or more later: nobody wants to deal with it because it’s freaking annoying!!!

IPv6 has a bad case of NIH syndrome (overly-complicated address notation, anyone?). Too bad nobody noticed before it started to get adopted.

5:15 PM

I mostly got where I wanted to go today; devices are registering, which was the whole point. Well, “devices” in quotes; it’s not like I actually have one yet, even in prototype form. It’s just me simulating things…

Yeah, there’s no point in building the device before the support is there so they can actually do something.

Tomorrow will continue down the path of making that functionality available. At this point, I estimate that I will have something that I can use for test purposes by the end of the week at the latest. It won’t be complete by any means, but it doesn’t need to be.

It just needs to be enough that I can develop the hardware…

I can’t wait…