February 19, 2024

“Sleep? What's That?”



2:25 PM

I’m alive. I’m going to be working today. But my plans are… unscheduled again. So much for that round of “fix the sleep schedule”…

More later. I need to get my day moving.

3:25 PM

Okay, finally ready to get to work.

What happened? My sleep schedule happened. I’ve been trying very hard over the last couple of weeks to establish a routine that puts me on a “normal” schedule, but my body is not really tuned for a twenty-four hour day. It likes to run longer than that.

I managed to hold it at bay until just before the weekend, when my schedule stopped cooperating entirely. I was getting an hour of sleep a night, if I was lucky.

This was leading to me not being very “with it”, which is just not productive, and early this morning I finally gave up. My body was finally signalling that it was ready for some real sleep, so I didn’t bother setting my alarm, and slept until I woke up.

I feel much, much, better.

I did get some things done over the weekend, most notably the “final” design for the prototype board. All I have left to do is send it in to be built. I expect that I’ll have the result in a couple of weeks.

My little proof of concept has been sitting on my desk for the last week, and every time I get discouraged, looking at that thing re-energizes me. How much more effective will that be with an actual prototype?

I’m excited!

So today? Getting this thing ordered, and then updating plans based on the happenings so far. Most likely, I will start putting a real interface on the software, and work on adding a bunch of features that will make it even more useful.

By the time the prototype arrives, I hope to have something that looks like an actual product, even if it really isn’t one just yet…

As for the sleep schedule, I’ll make another attempt at sorting that out some other day; right now I’m just happy to be feeling like I’m awake for a change. I’m in the mood to make some progress!

And on that note, off to work.

5:48 PM

Ordering is more complicated than one would think. I’m pretty sure I have KiCad generating the files correctly and whatnot. Now I just have to work through my latent fears and actually upload them and select options and…

Yeah. I’m going to go eat something first, and then I’ll suck it up and do it.

10:25 PM

After a much more involved process than I expected, it’s been ordered. Of course, I have no guarantee that it will even work, but I suppose we’ll see…

If nothing else, it will be a conversation starter.