February 28, 2024

“On the Way!”



1:50 AM

From DHL:

The current estimated delivery is Fri Mar 01 by End of Day.

Oh yeah. That’s a lot sooner than I hoped. I’m hyped!

And there goes my weekend…

4:48 PM

Okay, new day starting.

Last night/this morning was very productive. I’ve now got a clear path on how to proceed, though there is still a lot of development/engineering to do as the product gets fleshed out. But at least one substantial part of the core product may just be a Solved Problemâ„¢ now.

The big win was finding a really nice expression evaluation package for Go.

This is key to one particular feature, and I was staring at the possibility of having to implement it myself. I actually still want to – it sounds like a fun project – but I managed to keep my focus. Loss of focus is what tends to kill projects for me (I am far too easily distracted), and I have no intention of letting this one die.

So off-the-rack it is.

It’s actually a fairly nice tool, and it will solve the problem nicely – especially as I’m early on in the process and not quite sure where the path will take me in the end. I can visualize the high level feature set, but the lower level stuff that makes it happen is still a bit fuzzy. I could make it simpler, but I like the idea of a flexible product, within reason at least.

Customers will probably find far more interesting ways of using this thing than I could ever dream up, won’t they?

So that problem is solved, and now I’m into what I believe to be the most difficult part of the current round. I’m hoping to have that largely resolved by the end of my day today. That would be nice, because I really need to get some work done on the firmware given the impending arrival of the prototype.

Time to put some music on and get to work!

5:21 PM

One of the hardest things to do is to come up with a name for something while developing a product.

For me, at least.