February 6, 2024

“More App Framework...”



6:41 AM

Today’s goals:

  • Munge up what I did yesterday into a valid schema
  • Implement that migrator library I talked about; I’ll need it eventually anyway.
  • Implement basic user signup flow
  • User preferences page (even if it’s empty)

Let’s see how long it takes me to do that before we make any other commitments…

8:49 AM

Okay, the first two things are complete (as in they work, though the schema will probably go through various random adjustments…). The migrator is… interesting. It’s a bit finicky about file naming and such, but once you get it to work, life seems good.

I’ve been working for a couple of hours, so I’m going to take a brief break to have some breakfast; then I’ll move on to the basic signup flow…

10:45 AM

I forgot just how many little bits and pieces go into a sane base for a go web app. Static file service for embedded assets? Yeah, got that now. Now I need to set up the template workflow (templates are easy; making them sane is a different story).

I’m going to do that after lunch. I’m out of my favorite breafkast egg rolls, and I need to see if they have them.

It’ll be a nice break from remembering all the things I’ve forgotten about go…

3:04 PM

Progress. Signup workflow, along with all the underpinnings for an actual web app, is now working. It amazes me the amount of basic stuff you have to implement in order to make something like this go (no pun intended), but that’s neither here nor there I suppose.

I forgot, though, that I also need to deal with the actual login authentication, so that’s replacing my empty user preferences page on the list of tasks. I don’t know why I had that on the list anyway…

If I can get that much done, then I can move on to far more interesting things tomorrow…

5:06 PM

Okay, I almost got it done. I have a think-o somewhere in my code, though, and I’ve hit that point where I’m wasting my time because my brain is broken. I need to get away and rest the aforementioned brain, and I’ll probably find the problem in five minutes when I’m fresh.

Time flew today.

Mostly, it works; just the actual auth check itself is failing for some bizarre reason. Tomorrow I should be able to identify and correct the stupidity pretty quickly, and then I can start building the actual API for hardware devices to talk to.

I’m actually looking forward to that!