February 27, 2024

“Later All the Time...”



4:15 PM

My sleep schedule is very much a moving target by nature, and for the moment I’m leaving it alone. When it wraps around again, I’ll try to capture it and stop it from moving where I can get up at a decent time in the morning. This may, possibly, conicide with a lessening of caffiene intake, which I am not looking forward to – the headaches will suck.

I just think that, while not impossible, it will be harder to run a business on such an odd schedule.

My hardware has officially moved on to the shipping stage, and now all that remains is to wait. I’m excited! I really hope it works! I’m actually kinda shivering in anticipation!

On the home front, the fluff pages are pretty much handled, and now I’m into trying to sort out the meat of the application. This is harder than it sounds. While I have something that’s proving the concept, it is far from a complete or final implementation.

It doesn’t help that I have a new idea every five minutes.

I’m currently working through how to make it support all the things I want it to support. This, of course, involves knowing what I want it to support, and that is the hard part. I’m about an inch away from going down to Hobby Lobby and buying a six foot whiteboard that I saw there the other day…

I miss having a whiteboard, but the only place I have in the house where I could put one that big is currently a junkpile. I need to fix that some time soon…

Anyway, I’m off to think things through and hopefully write some code, and we’ll see if I can get a decent start on the “final” form of this thing. Not that anything like this ever actually has a final form…

11:35 PM


I just looked up and it’s damned near midnight. WTF?

My day started off horrible, honestly. I tinkered for about an hour, and then decided I really wanted to listen to music while I coded. I have no speakers in this part of the house, so that meant grabbing some off another machine.

Only to discover that I have no line out jack on the Mac Mini in the front office, and no USB speakers anywhere in the house.

And that USB computer speakers are now apparently a special-order item. You can’t just walk into the local Best Buy and grab a set anymore. Walmart and Target had some, but they were crappy Logitech ones. No, thanks.

For the moment I’m using the old iHome bluetooth speaker that I bought on my drive to Texas when I moved here. That was a long while ago, but thankfully the thing still works. It actually doesn’t sound half bad either, which is a bit of a surprise.

I’ll buy some real speakers later.

So yeah, that tore a couple of hours out the start of my day. I think I managed to get back to it around 7:00 or so. I can’t keep track, really, but whatever. So four or five hours later, here I am, having completely lost track of the time.

The music was a great idea, and totally worth the trouble. Should’ve just started with the damn bluetooth thing.

Anyway, I’ve made some good progress. That’s all I’m going to say. There’s too much left to do. And I’ve been tracking things that I think of along the way – things that must be done, not just nice-to-haves – and my issue list is only growing. Might have to stop and cut that down a bit soon.

Going to make myself take a break now and then get back to it. I have another couple of hours to put in before I’ll have finished my work day. Even though it’s almost tomorrow already.

Besides, while the day started out crappy, I’m actually enjoying myself now…