February 23, 2024

“It's Friday Already?!”



1:43 PM

What? Seriously?

I feel like this week totally vanished. On the other hand, I did get some things done. So far on the list of accomplishments:

  • Ordered the real prototype hardware
  • Shepherded the hardware through production (which was more interactive than I expected)
  • Fixed my server-side deployments so feature branches don’t blow away my staging environment (o.O)…
  • Got a fair way into the work needed to turn the server side into something real (and maintainable, and operable).

That’s… not as much as I would have liked, but it was also more work than it seemed. And really, it’s not bad for a week that started off crappy and only got worse until yesterday. I can’t complain; at least I had some productivity…

And now, I need to go back to coding. I have more work to do on the server side. Actually, that’s where pretty much all the work is.

Until the hardware gets here, anyway…

6:58 PM

I hate it when I’m making great progress, and then I slam headfirst into a logistical issue that my brain just doesn’t want to wrap itself around, and progress comes to a screeching halt…

I was sooo close…

11:10 PM

Okay, I managed to get through that particular issue, and then finish up the refactors I was working on. While this was mostly an unexpected diversion, it was actually needed. Next up: start working on the actual interface.

I no longer have an excuse to tinker with internal code…

Of course, TGIF and all; we’ll see if I manage to stay away this weekend, which I doubt.