February 21, 2024

“Impatiently Waiting”



2:04 PM

I think I’ve gotten through most of the stuff with the board house. Just a final review left as soon as they get things to me, and then it should be able to go to manufacturing. I remain optimistic, though I don’t expect to see the finished product for a couple of weeks yet.

And there’s still a lot of assumptions. The circuit is untested. Will it actually work when I get it?

In the mean time, I’m going to work on the software, among other things. I keep noting new ideas every time I turn around, and it’s getting out of hand. My initial goal is to firm up the core architecture, and then I’ll have to sit down and decide what features are going to be there at launch.

Scope creep is a very real danger. I’m trying to avoid it, but it’s harder than it sounds. I’m even having that problem with the hardware, which was why it was so hard to place the order!

As for my schedule, I’m going to try again, but it might take a while. Dealing with that issue is harder than one might think.

4:11 PM - “Window Fun”

So far it’s been a day of distractions. Continued work with the board house, plus dealing with that window issue from last week. Yes, I still have a broken window. Thankfully it’s double-paned, and only the outer glass pane is broken.

Quotes finally came in for getting it fixed, which of course spirals out to the rest of the house, which actually does need new windows…

But I digress.

I’m hoping that now, maybe I can get some coding accomplished. I hate it when I get all productive, and life suddenly conspires against me. I should probably be thankful for the two weeks of extreme productivity I had; apparently life is crashing back in.

And, pardon my french, but fuck the spammers. I just got my third spam call in less than ten minutes, and this is fucking normal! Seriously? It needs to be illegal, and they need to make the punishment for repeated offenses a bona fide business killer. My time does not belong to them, and they are not entitled to it!

6:52 PM - “Exciting Times!”

I just got the production confirmation files back from the board house. Everything looks good to my inexpert eye; I confirmed them. Another few days to a week and the completed boards should be on their way here!

In theory, anyway…

10:16 PM

I really hate it when I go back to code that I wrote less than two weeks ago, and I can’t remember why I wrote it. Just goes to show, document code when you write it, or it’ll never get documented – simply because you don’t actually remember WTF you were thinking…

11:39 PM

Okay, I at least got refreshed on where I was at with the server code, and fixed a thing or two from before that needed fixing. Oh, and fixed my auto deployment stuff; pushing to a branch blew my staging environment away, and my toy stopped working. Oops!

Helps when you have all your environment settings set correctly!

Anyway, I’m wandering off. Will be back tomorrow.

And no, I do NOT mean in twenty minutes… :)