February 25, 2024

“A Sleepy Sunday”



5:57 PM

I really wanted to work on this all day, but chores and shopping got in the way. I hate it when that happens. Now, finally, I can sit down and tinker. Oh, except that I need to go put my laundry in the drier…


12:46 AM

Well, that was productive.

The majority of the fluff pages are complete; the last bastion seems to be the last bit of the signup process. A few hours on that tomorrow, and life should be good I think. That will leave me in a good place to pick up and iterate on that stuff when I get ready to launch this thing.

For now, it will do once I get that last bit done.

Once I get that fixed tomorrow, then I can move on to the real meat. While the proof of concept version continues to function just fine, there’s a massive chasm between “proof that this will work” and “something that users will actually be able to – and want to – use”. Engineering is needed to make this thing a proper product.

On the other side of the fence, it looks like my hardware will be undergoing the assembly stage tomorrowlater today, and probably finished same day if my guess is correct. That will see it shipped shortly (tomorrow?), so I can probably expect the prototype to be on my desk in the next week or two, depending on how fast DHL gets the job done.

Exciting times! And I still have to do a non-proof-of-concept version of the firmware, too, which will be interesting.

Dealing with WiFi configuration sucks!