February 15, 2024



8:36 AM

A bit of a late start, but back at it… Today’s goals:

  • Finish up the general layout. I forgot a couple of physical things that I need to account for on the board.
  • Finish up the circuit. There are a few things missing, most notably a smattering of decoupling caps.
  • Verify everything. Twice. Measure twice, cut once, verify repeatedly. Or something.

11:24 AM

Damn, half the day is gone already.

On the upside, I’ve gotten a lot done. On the downside, finishing this is probably going to take the rest of the day, easy.

I forgot how finicky hardware is when you get down to ensuring that everything is within manufacturing constraints…

1:31 PM

You know it’s bad when you decide to download a release candidate for the next version of the software, because it keeps crashing.

KiCad apparently has a bug; half the time I click on a menu, it promptly explodes. They apparently committed a fix the other day, and it’s in the release candidate for 7.0.11. Going to try it because I’m tired of fearing loss of data, and it’s gotten annoying enough.

Thankfully, I’m a compulsive document saver, so I haven’t lost anything significant yet…

6:10 PM

Okay, I need to make myself stop and go eat. I have the board passing DRC checcks now; life is good. Only things left are:

  • Add a few more decoupling caps.
  • Check over the footprints and ensure that they’re correct. I’m paranoid about that, and for good reason.
  • Final circuit checks.

Yeah, this looks a lot like where I was yesterday evening, but I found more stuff to do, and the board looks a lot better.


And sleep.