February 9, 2024

“End of Week 1...”



8:12 AM

In retrospect, this week has been very productive. The only downside is that it’s been entirely focused on code. None of the other issues are getting handled yet.

I suppose that’s to be expected; I don’t even have the proof of concept yet to see if it’s worth truly committing to and investing in.

The exciting part from a “fun” perspective will be the hardware. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – repeatedly: I’m looking forward to it! That said, I’m also kinda excited about actually putting the business stuff together so I can actually call myself… something

In the mean time, it’s Friday, and that means I need to get this week’s tasks finished up:

  • Finish the software proof of concept. This is surprisingly close to being ready, actually.
  • Put together a plan for the initial hardware prototype in preparation for building it next week.

I would like to order parts and whatnot, but without a schematic that makes little sense – and I probably already have what I need for the first round prototype anyway. So for now, just doing the planning.

And at some point I need to read more of that book

And off we go.

9:39 AM

JSON path expressions are apparently not well supported in go. I did find a library for it though, so that problem at least is solved (for the moment…)

10:25 AM - “WAT”

Well, damn. I actually got it done. Time for breakfast!

11:52 AM

I almost forgot that I had to get the thing deployed somewhere stable so my future devices could talk to it. That led to a round of “dockerize and beat on Gitlab Auto DevOps” to make it work. It’s done now, deployed all nicely in my one of my environments, complete with SSL certs.

Kuberenetes really can make things easy if it’s set up right.

And now… off to lunch, while I think about next steps.

2:49 PM

Sigh. I was doing so well, but I think I just blew up my nifty little ESP32 dev board… We’ll see if I can recover it…

2:58 PM

Spoke too soon, thankfully! I managed to get it fixed.

WebSerial is a scary thing, btw. The fact that my web browser can gain access to my serial ports is… bothersome. And the fact that it only asks once, the first time you do it, is even worse. I’m kinda speechless about the incredible lack of security on that…

And now off to actually see about coding something for the ESP32…

3:49 PM

Okay. My environment is (mostly) set up to play with hardware. Yay! I’m really looking forward to this.

Unfortunately, I have to leave the house for a bit, so I probably won’t get to work on it until Monday (I have other things to do this weekend). We’ll see, though; I can be pretty persistent, and I really want to make this happen!

Oh, btw: kill Bluetooth access in the security settings, and Chrome will apparently not have access to WebUSB. I think. It’s a start, anyway. They really need to fix up the security surrounding that…